Tuesday, 31 January 2017

How to Fight Stink Bugs at Home

Fight Stink Bugs at Home
Fight Stink Bugs at Home
For many of us who are lucky and have not experienced any stink bugs infestation, we cannot imagine what it is like for our house to be infested with these stinky bugs until one day this happen to us.

You may feel powerless as your lovely house is infested with these bugs. Well, this is made worst with the limited number of choices to deal with these insects. Your local exterminator will not guarantee that they will keep these bugs away and they are right. In some cases, these bugs will return to the house just a few hours after the exterminator carried his work.

To make sure that your house is not infested with these bugs, prevention is still the best answer. If you can prevent these bugs from coming into your house, then you will not have to worry about your house being attacked by these bugs.

Stink bugs are attracted by light and heat. If you can reduce the number of lights you switch on at night, then you will reduce the number of these bugs being attracted to your house. If for security purpose, you need to switch on the light outside your house, be sure that the windows and door near this light is well sealed without any gap.

You also need to prepare some soap water or alcohol to kill these bugs in this morning. The best time to kill these bugs is in the morning as they tend to move slower. Just spray and let these insects die by themselves. You are not advised to crush them as this will emit a foul stinky smell which will act as a beacon to attract the same species here. Do keep this in mind as that is what most people will do whenever they see a stink bug.

These insects will look for shelter during the winter to hibernate. They will then become active again in spring till late autumn. Your home which is nicely warm with heater will be very attractive to these bugs. Once they find their way to your house, they will find a secret place to hide and hibernate and you may not even notice they are there. Come spring and you have a rude surprise to see these bugs all over your house.

To keep these insects from entering your house, you need to make sure all small gaps and openings outside your house is sealed with a good quality silicone caulk. These will keep the bugs away from your house. The best time to do this is in late autumn, before the winter sets in. Walk around your house and seal any gaps or openings that you see.

Dealing with stink bug infestation take time and work. If you are not free and have the financial means, hire someone to seal all the gaps and openings outside your house. This is by far still the best way to keep stink bugs away from your house.